Why Dock2Dock?

Dock2Dock allows your 3PL warehouse High Client Serviceability and a Low-Low monthly cost.

Increasingly warehouses are depending on 3PL software not only to run their business, but to drive their business. For many warehousing companies, this is a fundamental change, requiring them to treat their software lifecycle as a key value chain. It is hosted on the cloud, useable on any OS and can be accessed from any computer anywhere!

Out of the box, Dock2Dock does a great job of managing your 3Pl inventory information needed to make your Warehouse run effectively and cost effectively.

  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Multiple Warehouse Locations
  • Automate BOL, Receiving, Inventory & Entries & Billing
  • Multiple Billing Tables
    • Receiving Tally Billing Reports
    • Shipping / Service Billing
    • Container Loading Charges
    • Rail Car Loading Charges
    • Crane Charges
    • Pick & Pack Charges
    • Storage Billing By: Weight, Size, Location, etc.


  • Client On-line Access
  • Barcode Labeling Location Print & Scan
  • Flexible Reporting Templates
  • Excel & PDF Exports
  • Directed Put-Away
  • Warehouse Capacity Management
  • Load Planning by Weight / Volume
  • Cross Docking
  • Picking Optimization
  • Work Orders, Kitting and Light Assemblies
  • Product SKUs and Traceability